Working for Europeiska ERV

Europeiska ERV is the combined experience and knowledge of its staff. That’s why we believe it is vital that everyone who works here enjoys it, and has the opportunity to develop. When our staff are content, the company thrives.

Europeiska ERV offers you exciting and stimulating work, with plenty of contact with people abroad. You will have a great opportunity to initiate and run your own projects. Pleasant colleagues and an excellent working environment are part of the deal. The most important areas of our operations are sales, claims adjustment, finance, IT, communications and customer services.

Have your say

Finding the right solution for each customer requires short decision paths, flexibility and the opportunity for individual members of staff to influence the outcome. That is precisely what we offer you. At Europeiska ERV, you competence is more important than which department you belong to, so all our staff have the opportunity to work on many different processes and projects.

Working with international contacts

Europeiska ERV is part of the global ERV Group and, over the next few years, there will be increased collaboration among the companies in the Group. For our staff, this is an opportunity to work with a wide range of international contacts. We also operate our own Euro-Center service centres in many parts of the world, where our staff look after our travellers and play an important part in the creation of an international platform.

Broaden your competence

We specialise in travel insurance, which is a great opportunity for you to develop and sharpen your expertise. We also invest heavily in product development in new areas, giving our staff the chance to get involved in new business opportunities.

Feel great

We want you to feel great and be happy. Europeiska ERV’s offices are bright and recently refurbished, and all our work stations are designed to ensure excellent ergonomics. We offer staff benefits such as subsidies for keep-fit activities, subsidised luncheon vouchers and flexible working hours.

Work less in summer

Work isn’t everything – your leisure time is also important to us. That’s why we cut back on working hours during the summer months, so that you can recharge your batteries and enjoy life outside Sundbyberg.