High-risk activities

Are there any activities not covered under the terms of my insurance policy?

Which activities are covered depends on your insurance policy. If, for example, you want to ski off-piste, climb mountains or freedive, you must have separate cover for extreme sports.

This list shows which activities are regarded as high-risk and what insurance you need as private individual (pdf).

The following applies for travel insurance Extreme (Reseförsäkring Extrem):

All sports activities are covered provided the activity is permitted and in compliance with
applicable laws and regulations where the activity is performed. 
The following applies for Student insurance (Studentförsäkring):

The insurance covers sports and physical education arranged by the school/educational
institution. You may have to pay additional premium in certain cases.

Hazardous manual tasks

Hazardous manual tasks is not covered by any of Europeiska ERV’s insurance products.

Manual tasks means physical manual labour where the risk of injury is higher than normal, whether the work is done professionally and is paid for, or not.

Examples of manual tasks where insurance cannot be taken out for leisure travellers:

  • Building, carpentry, sheet metal work, electrical and cable installations etc.
  • Mining
  • Working with explosives
  • Removal of mines
  • Pyro technical work
  • Steel work
  • Oil rig work
  • Forest work/
  • Laying of pipes
  • Taking care of wild animals