Cancellation Insurance – cancel due to unexpected events

Cancel and get your money back, either due to unforeseen events. Travel, events, hotel bookings and tickets are all areas covered by the cancellation policy. Just remember that the premium must be paid within two days of the date on which payment is due for your travel arrangements or event.

The unexpected can always happen. Your child falls ill, too much work forces you to postpone your holiday, rain storms hit the sunshine paradise or trouble breaks out at your destination. In any of these situations, you will be very pleased you have cancellation insurance.

Cancel and get your money back

If you can produce a certificate signed by an independent person or authority confirming an unforeseen event, we will pay you back the full sum. The term “unforeseen event” includes you or a close relative falling ill, an unexpected business trip you did not know about when you made your booking, or other serious events.

By ”certificate” we mean, for example, a medical certificate, a certificate issued by your employer or a link to the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website, on which they advise people not to travel to the country you intended to visit.

Important: you must purchase the cover when you are due to pay for the trip/event

Since the cancellation insurance is linked to a specific trip/event, you only have two days to sign up and pay for it – from the date on which the booking fee or deposit for the trip/event is due to be paid.


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