Study abroad – a memory of a lifetime

If you are planning to study abroad you need an insurance policy that provides cover should you fall ill, lose your luggage or if you have to cut short your trip.

Healthcare abroad is expensive and if you don't have the right insurance you will have to pay everything from your own pocket. An emergency flight from Asia could cost SEK 1 million, intensive care in the US costs around SEK 40,000 per 24-hour period, and a broken leg in Switzerland will set you back roughly SEK 100,000.

Examples of what is covered by our Student Travel Insurance

  • Medical treatment. If you fall ill or have an accident, we will cover the cost of your medical treatment. We also compensate the cost of medicine, journeys to and from the hospital and for emergency dental treatment.
  • Interruption of travel. If you fall ill and you have to travel home for continued care, you may receive compensation for the cost of rebooking or buying new tickets. You will also receive compensation for travelling back to the country where you are studying.
  • Transport home. If you fall ill or are injured and need transport home to Sweden, we will cover the cost of an emergency flight, for example.
  • Personal liability and legal cover. If someone claims damages from you, we will help with your defence and pay the damages; we will also cover the cost if you need to hire a lawyer.
  • Lost possessions. If, for example, your luggage disappears en route, or your phone is stolen. The cover applies for your entire trip, from when you leave home to when you arrive back home again.
  • Delays. You will receive compensation if you and/or your luggage are delayed on the outward journey.
  • Natural disaster. Being caught up in a natural disaster is distressing, but it can also be extremely expensive. This additional cover means that you will receive compensation for the cost of travelling to a safer place or different accommodation.

Remember: To be classed as a student you must be under 45 and you must be enrolled at an educational institution in the country where you are studying.

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