Travel insurance – for all types of leisure travel

Europeiska ERV have the travel insurance that are ideal whether you are planning a short trip or going away for some time.

It is easily adaptable to complement your home insurance, avoiding double insurance and letting you decide what level of travel cover you want.

Types of leisure travel insurance we can offer you

  • Holiday Insurance - if you go on charter trip, weekend, beach holiday or other short trips and want to supplement your home insurance. Read more about Holiday Insurance.
  • Backup Basic and Backup Extended - if you go backpacking, travel with working-holiday visa or are planning to travel for a longer period. Read more about Backup Basic/Backup Extended.
  • Travel insurance Smart and Smart Plus - if you have no home insurance, are under 70 and want to live abroad for a while or want a travel insurance without excess. Read more about Smart/Smart Plus.

 Custom travel insurance

Europeiska ERV also offer customized travel insurance, for example

  • Travel insurance for travelers age 70+. Read more about Travel Insurance Komplett.
  • Travel insurance for those who want to travel after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Read more about travelling pregnant.
  • Travel insurance for the adventurous including extreme skiing, deep sea diving, mountain climbing and more. Read more about Travel Insurance Extreme.

If you have questions you are welcome to contact Sales and support.

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