If you have an Expatriate insurance

Here you will find information linked to which receipts / certificates that are required when making a claim

In case of illness, accident or a visit to the dentist

• A receipt showing the cost of medical or dental treatment, medication or cost of local transportation to and from the health care facility.

• Medical certificate / dental care certificate.

In case of lost, damaged or stolen property

• In case of theft, you should send a police report.

• If your luggage is damaged during a flight, you should send a notification from the airline (Property Irregularity Report).

• If your luggage is lost after the check-in, please send a final report from the airline. The report should confirm that the luggage could not be found and also what compensation you received.

• Receipts of your lost or damaged property (to the extent that you saved them).

In case of death due to accident

• Death certificate from the doctor.

• Bank account of the deceased’s estate.

Other events

• A certificate confirming the event.

• Receipts for any expenses you want to be compensated for.


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