Regarding the corona virus and our corporate products

Corporate Travel Insurance

Updated 2020-03-30

New Business Trips abroad

Due to the global spread of the new Corona Virus COVID-19, which is classed as a pandemic, and the quickly changing and uncertain situation for travel, Swedish Foreign Office are have banned unnecessary travel to all countries up to and including 14 April 2020. The reasons to prevent further spread of the virus, not increase pressure on local medical care and not expose oneself or others for an increased risk for further spread of COVID-19. For these reasons, we would like to encourage all to take their responsibility and only do necessary Business Travel abroad. Travel during these circumstances following the Pandemic, with closed borders and curfews also involves an increased risk to end up it situations where the travel insurance cannot help, where we also for non necessary travel can deny reimbursement following COVID-19. We are happy to assist you to advise what is a necessary business trip, so please contact us for assistance.

If you are already abroad

If you are taken ill, irrespectively of Corona infection or not, the medical insurance will cover as usual. If you are put into quarantine and cannot return home as planned, we reimburse additional costs for travel and subsistence up to SEK 50,000.

Important considerations if something happens during travel

Europeiska ERVs possibilities to provide assistance may be somewhat limited due to COVID-19. There is a risk that we may not always guarantee proper heath care, medical transport, repatriation of transport to the closest suitable place of treatment with immediate execution. Factors like the Company of Assistance possibility to take on the mission, along with the risk that staff is exposed to, will play a part. This is something we hope will not happen, but something both we and you must be prepared for.

If you have questions

We at Europeiska ERV will do all in our power to help all our customers, partners and policy holders in this difficult and unreal time right now. We have collected the most common questions and answers at and we are also available by email and phone, as usual.

Please take care of yourself!

Corporate travel insurance  - Cancellation add-on

Is the Cancellation add-on valid in connection to the outbreak of Corona Covid-19?

You have the right to cancel your trip and receive reimbursement for your cancellation costs if:

1. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised against traveling to the specific area. The insurance must then be issued before the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs expired with its advice.

2. The cancellation is due to accidents and / or illness that applies to you or close relatives.

Please note that you cannot cancel your trip simply because of concern and fear of traveling to destinations where there is not yet a recommendation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For specific dates regarding the travel advice, please see the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the link . Note that there are both original publications and updates in some situations regarding the advice to countries and regions.

How does the Cancellation add-on apply in connection with the travel stop issued by the United States for Schengen countries?

The Cancellation add-on is valid for trips booked before the travel restrictions for Schengen countries were announced, i.e. up until March 12, 2020. The travel stop is valid from March 13 and currently 30 days ahead.

How does the cancellation add-on apply for new bookings?

You can still book our Cancellation add-on, as usual. However, cancellations that are a direct or indirect consequence of the Coronavirus Covid-19 are not covered. This includes both own illness and if the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' advice is linked to the spread of Coronavirus covid-19.

Expatriate insurance

In the question battery below you can read more about how our Expatriate insurance and the Cancellation add-on apply in conjunction with Corona Covid-19.

Does the insurance cover if I have been infected by the corona virus while stationed abroad and need medical care or medicine?

Yes, the insurance applies to illness, such as Coronavirus infection, and accidents. However, you should be aware of whether there are quarantine rules in your area, which can make it difficult to transport to and from the area. If you suspect you have been infected by the Corona virus, please contact Europeiska ERV Alarm immediately on telephone number +46 770 456 920 or email:

I am quarantined due to the Coronavirus and must therefore extend my stationing abroad. Can I get reimbursement for my additional costs, such as extra hotel costs and a return trip?

Yes, provided your insurance includes the add-on Security Package. You will then be reimbursed for additional costs for accommodation and travel.

NOTE! Europeiska ERVs ability to provide assistance may be limited due to covid-19. For example, Europeiska ERV cannot guarantee that appropriate care, medical transport, home transport or transfer to the nearest appropriate treatment center can always be implemented immediately, since the opportunities for assistance depend on whether the assistance company can take on the assignment and the risk that exists for the staff who will perform it.

Expatriate insurance - Cancellation add-on

I have gotten the flu and have to cancel my business trip. Does the cancellation cover then apply?

Yes, if the reason for cancellation is due to accident or illness the insurance applies and you will be reimbursed for your cancellation costs.

I have a business trip booked in early April, can I cancel it and get reimbursement?

If the business trip was booked before the Swedish Foreign Ministry's recommendation came for the insurance, you can cancel the trip and get reimbursement for your lost travel expenses.

If the business trip was booked after the Foreign Ministry's advice arrived, the insurance does not apply.

Please note that cancellation insurance covers the costs that you do not receive from a tour operator or airline. We therefore ask you to contact your tour operator or airline in the first place.

I booked a business trip to the United States on March 8, leaving on March 25. Can I cancel it?

If the trip was booked before the US introduced its travel stop, i.e. before March 13, 2020, the insurance will apply and you will be reimbursed for your lost travel expenses. If the trip was booked March 13 or later, the insurance does not apply.

Note: At the time of writing, US travel stops for travelers from Sweden and other Schengen countries apply 30 days ahead starting March 13, 2020.