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ERV travel & care (app)

Our ERV Travel & Care app gives you access to anything from general alerts and advice to local reports, such as unrest, terrorist attacks or weather situations. All information is done in real time and based on the country you are in, ensuring that you are always up to date on the current travel safety mode where you are. No unnecessary information, just the most important thing for you.

In addition to security information, you will also find contact information, detailed maps and directions to hospitals, pharmacies and embassies located close to where you are. And do you end up in an emergency when you reach local SOS or ERV Assistans with a single click.

How to download and register the app >>>

Risk portal (VIP-online)

In our VIP-Online Risk Portal, you'll find travel information about all the world's countries. With the help of VIP online, you can identify and prevent serious risks. You will find, for example, detailed information on risk factors such as war, crime, terrorism and political instability.

  • Access to updated safety and health information about the world's all countries from our security specialists.
  • Access to an interactive map such as shows the way to all the hospitals in the place where you are.
  • Travel recommendations at both general and local level.
  • Access to local emergency numbers, and European ERV own emergency numbers.

How to get access to our risk portal VIP-online >>>

Global service network

If you need help you can turn to our service offices (Euro Centers) that can be found around the world. The staff speak English and at least one Scandinavian language and the country's own language. They also have extensive local knowledge and in-depth knowledge of which hospitals and doctors maintain good quality in their respective regions.

  • Local offices around the world.
  • Fast help.
  • English and native speaking staff.
  • Local knowledge.
  • Broad network of hospitals and doctors.

Contact details for our Euro-Centers can be found here >>>

Alarm central (Europeiska ERV Alarm)

Our alarm central (Europeiska ERV Alarm) has a large team consisting of physicians, psychologists and nurses. Europeisk ERV Alarm brings home injured travelers and takes care of everything if any of our business customers get seriously ill or injured.

  • Medical assistance 24/7.
  • Evacuation & repatriation.
  • Acute financial support and payment guarantees.
  • Classification and mapping of high quality health care and repatriation.

Medicall - medical consulting

Medicall is our medical counseling line that is open 24/7, all year round. Your phone call will be answered by a medical expert who will give you advice and help. The phone number is also printed on the back of your insurance card.

Telephone number Medicall: +46 770 457 975.

Insurance card

We recommend that you get our insurance card for business travelers. The card contains telephone number to our alarm central (Europeiska ERV Alarm) and other important contact information. 


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