Corporate travel insurance

Annual contract for business travel

Companies whose operations involve a lot of business travel benefit from signing an annual contract. This covers all business travel for a year, at a fixed price. When the contract expires, you can either extend the existing contract or sign a new one.

Why you should choose a Corporate travel insurance by Europeiska ERV:

  • Since neither your standard business insurance policy or your home insurance is enough.
  • The insurance is valid for business travel worldwide.
  • You get access to our assistance company round the clock.
  • Safety on the road, protection for anyone traveling by car.

We offer a complete solution with both insurance and service. The insurance is tailored to the needs of your company. Below you can see examples of what the insurance can contain.

Example of content: Corporate Travel Insurance
Illness and injury

We will reimburse medical and hospital costs if you become acutely ill or suffer an accident.


We will reimburse the cost for repatriation if you due to illness or injury need to be transported home to your country of residence, if the treating physician in consultation with the European ERV's physician/medical adviser deems this necessary.

Escort and summoning

The insurance will reimburses the cost if you need to be accompanied due to medical reasons or if a relative must be summoned to your place of residence due to acute / life-threatening illness, accident or death.

Personal accident - disability and death

If you suffer an accident during your trip, compensation is paid for any medical disability (at least 30%) or death.

Illness - disability and death

If illness or infection leads to medical disability (at least 10%) or death, compensation is paid.

Personal liability, assault and legal expenses coverage

If someone claims damages we'll help you present your case and pay the damages. In case of assault you can receive compensation for physical and mental suffering. We also reimburse the cost if you need to hire a lawyer.

Luggage delay

If your checked in luggage is delayed on arrival at the destination, the insurance will cover additional costs for the purchase of clothing and hygiene items.

Missed departure

The insurance reimburses you so that you can catch up with the booked itinerary if you are delayed to the starting point of the trip and thus miss a pre-booked departure or connection with general means of transport.

Luggage cover

The insurance covers theft, loss or damage of your personal belongings and corporate property that you have brought on the business trip.

Crisis setup

If you witness traumatic events in connection with e.g. a natural disaster, terrorist act, political concern etc. during your business trip, the insurance will cover the cost of professional crisis assistance and / or emergency preparedness.

Security package

In our safety package, we have accumulated a lot of insurance elements for increased security when you are on a business trip. Please see the terms and conditions for further information.


With our cancellation add-on you get the money back if something sudden or unexpected happens so that you can not go on a trip or event when on duty.

Curtailment and Replacement employee

If for private reasons (such as a fire in your private home or a close relative being hospitalized) or for business reasons (eg sudden and unforeseen event at the place of residence that makes your service assignment impossible) must cancel your business trip and we will reimburse the cost of your return trip. We also reimburse the travel cost for your employer to send you any replacement.

Replacement travel applies even if you become incapacitated because of the incapacity for work. disease / accident.

Excess coverage

If something happens in your private (uninhabited) home or with your car while you are on a business trip, you may be reimbursed for the deductible on your home or car insurance.

Excess elimination for hired vehicle

If you rent e.g. a passenger car, a motorhome, a bike or moped during your business trip and the vehicle gets damaged or stolen you can get reimbursement for the repair cost or deductible up to the maximum amount.


    Additional cover - Corporate travel insurance

    Cancellation insurance

    With the cancellation insurance, you can cancel and get your money back for unexpected events.

    Please see the terms and conditions for a complete description of the policy and its contents.

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