Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common questions asked about our insurance policies, for example, how to apply for compensation, and much more.

General questions regarding our insurances
How does the insurance apply in case of delay/missed flights now that there are long queues at the airports?

Note that none of our insurances cover personal delays, missed departures or missed connecting flights that occur as a result of a queue at a passport or security check at the airport.

Our coverage Missed departure compensates in the event that you are delayed on your way to the airport due to unforeseen events and cannot reach the minimum check-in time specified by the airline or airport. Here we reimburse necessary and reasonable additional costs to arrive at your final destination.

What are international sanctions?

The insurance does not cover cases where the activity is in direct contravention of applicable specific or general trade restrictions, including economic or financial restrictions and additional sanctions or embargoes imposed by the EU, USA or any country in the Nordic countries unless the aforementioned measures are adopted in contravention of applicable EU legislation or rules of law in the Nordic countries. You will find the sanctions at all times in force on the web site of The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here you can find more information regarding sanctions (in Swedish).

Furthermore, international sanctions may create obstacles for the insurance provider regarding delivery of the insurance services, including but not limited to, reimbursement of expenses the claimant, and providing assistance may be hindered or become impossible. The insurance provider or any of its partners will in those situations offer the best suitable solution for the parties, taking the circumstances into consideration.

Provision of services in Iran
International conditions surrounding Iran presently prevent Europeiska ERV from providing cashless service there. This means that Europeiska ERV does not have the operational options for placing payment guarantees or paying invoices directly to health providers in Iran. The consequence is that policyholders will be responsible for settling invoices from medical- and other providers themselves. For claims which are covered by the insurance, Europeiska ERV can reimburse the policyholders into their non-Iranian bank accounts for their documented medical expenses.

If you have any questions please contact us. Phone + 46 770 456 970, email:

Appeals, advice, reviews
I am not happy with the outcome. How can I appeal?

If you are unhappy about a decision in a case, you can ask for the decision to be reviewed. This is how:

First contact the claims adjustor who has dealt with your case. A chat or a letter can provide additional information and sort out any misunderstandings. If you are still dissatisfied, you can contact your claims adjustor again, and ask for our Customer Ombudsman to review your case. It is always best to make an appeal in writing.

Advice and review from outside Europeiska ERV
If you are dissatisfied with a decision, you can always ask an independent party for advice and suggestions on how to proceed.

Claims assessor, arbitral tribunal
If you do not agree with our assessment of the value of damaged property, you can request an independent valuation.

How do I get in contact with insurance panels?

Here you can find contact information to various insurance panels.

Konsumenternas försäkringsbyrå [The Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau]
Operated jointly by insurance companies

Finansinspektionen [the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority] and Konsumentverket [the Swedish Consumer Agency]. The Bureau provides free advice and assistance on a range of insurance matters for private individuals.
Address: Karlavägen 108, Box 24215, 104 51 Stockholm
Telephone: 08-22 58 00

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden [The Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes]
ARN reviews complaints from private individuals. The review is carried out free of charge.
Street address: Teknologgatan 8 C,
Postal address: Box 174
101 23 Stockholm,
Telephone: 08 508 860 00

Personförsäkringsnämnden [The Personal Insurance Board]
Provides advisory opinions at the request of policy-holders (consumers) in disputes between the policy-holder and providers of illness, accident and life insurance.
Address: Karlavägen 108
Box 24067
104 50 Stockholm
Telephone: 08 522 787 31

Ansvarsförsäkringens Personskadenämnd [Liability Insurance Personal Injury Board]
Reviews loss adjustment issues regarding claims for personal injuries under liability insurance and other policies other than vehicle third party insurance.
Address: Karlavägen 108
Box 24067
104 50 Stockholm
Telephone: 08 522 787 31

Allmän domstol [Court of General Jurisdiction]
Even if your case has been reviewed by any of the above panels, you can still approach a court with your case. To cover some of the cost of taking your case to court, you can:

  • apply for legal aid which makes a contribution to your legal expenses following a review of your earnings
  • legal expenses insurance. In many cases, the legal expenses clause in the policy can be used
What is the statutory limitation on claims?

If you wish to claim insurance compensation, you must bring an action against Europeiska ERV within ten years from the date when the insurance agreement entitles you to such protection. Otherwise, the right to compensation is lost. If claims have been made to the insurance company Europeiska ERV within this time, the deadline in accordance to the first sentence is always at least six months from the date that the company has declared its final position in a given claim.

Staff based abroad (expatriate)
How do I know what my cover is?

Your business insurance with us covers essential and reasonable medical expenses in the event of illness and accident. Some parts of the insurance, e.g. dental cover, physiotherapy and treatment by a chiropractor, often provide limited cover. Contact your HR department to find out more about your cover.

Do I need to bring my insurance card?

We recommend that you carry your Medical Insurance Card at all times. It contains important information, such as policy number and telephone number to the emergency centre. This information is also important for the hospital/doctors in the event of an emergency.

Do I need to return the insurance card to you when my foreign posting ends?

When your foreign posting ends, we ask you to destroy your insurance card or return it to your HR department/Euro-Center/ERV. If the card is used after your foreign posting has ended, you are personally liable for all costs related to the insurance policy.

When can I contact a Euro-Center?

Whenever you need help where you are. Euro-Centers can handle most issues relating to your insurance with ERV, such as advice, claims and local assistance. We advise you to contact your local Euro-Center if you need to find a doctor or hospital.

When can I contact Europeiska ERV Alarm?

In an emergency, you should go to a hospital or call an ambulance. Once you have done this, you can contact Europeiska ERV Alarm and inform them of the situation. Europeiska ERV Alarm will take any action required by the situation, e.g. issue a payment guarantee and inform your Euro-Center.

If I arrive at my post without any information on the area, the medical situation etc. – what do I do?

Your Euro-Center is your initial contact on insurance-related matters. The staff are familiar with situations faced by expatriates, and know their local area well. Don't hesitate to contact your local Euro-Center for information.

What languages are spoken at the Euro-Centers?

The staff at our Euro-Centers are multi-lingual. At the office, the staff speak English as well as the local language. In most offices there is also Scandinavian speaking staff. For more information, please visit

What if I need medical advice?

MediCall is our health advice line. At your request, you will be called by a doctor who will answer your medical questions. The telephone number is printed on the back of your insurance card.

What is direct billing and when can I use it?

In locations where we handle a large number of cases/injuries, the Euro-Centers have signed direct billing agreements with our medical services providers. All you have to do is show them your Medical Insurance Card and fill in a claims form, and the bill will be sent to the Euro-Center. Before asking the medical services provider for direct billing, please read the terms of your insurance. Any excess or services not covered must be paid directly to the hospital/clinic.

Expatriate in the US
How do I find a medical provider in the Network?

You will find all providers by doing a search in the Options PPO Health Plan. Providers within the network shall always be used otherwise you may be charged 50% of the medical expenses.

What is a PPO Network?

Healthcare in the United States is expensive and using the provider network will save everyone unnecessary costs and more affordable premiums for employers and employees.

We work together with UnitedHealthCare to provide you with better access to the US health care system and make it possible for US health care providers to recognize your insurance. 

What happens if there is no provider within the network in my area?

If there is no care provider from the network within 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the city of residence, your fee shall only be $25/visit. In this case please contact Euro-Center for a Confirmation of Benefits to be sent to the provider prior to the visit. 

Why is it important to find yourself a General practitioner/Family doctor?

We strongly recommend you to do so ASAP. It is essential that you have a General practitioner/Family doctor who can be part of your personal health care. This relationship should be established before there is an emergency.
This is also to avoid unnecessary visits to the Emergency room.

Do I always need to bring my Medical Health Card?

You are required to present your Medical Health Card when you are visiting a care provider. Otherwise it may result in reduced compensation.

Can I use my Medical Health Card at the Pharmacy?

Yes, this card is a combined health- and pharmaceutical card. It gives you good discounted prices for both non-covered as well as covered medicine. However, you have to pay upfront at the pharmacy for all costs. You thereafter complete a claims notification form and forward to Euro-Center and they will reimburse you for your expenses covered by the insurance. To find a pharmacy please enter the pharmacy search.

When do I need pre-authorization from Euro-Center?

Note that pre-authorization is required for certain types of treatment, as explained in the policy conditions in sections B and G (e.g. hospital admissions, major diagnostic testing as CT-scanning and MRI). 
Pre-authorization is also required for treatment expected to exceed USD 1.500 (SEK 10.000).
This means you shall contact Euro-Center in good time before the commencement of treatment to avoid the risk of compensation being reduced or eliminated in full.

Do I need to notify Euro-Center of my pregnancy?

Yes, all pregnancies must be notified along with a cost estimate from OB/Gyn at the start of the pregnancy. Euro-Center may advise you to use another provider if necessary. Please contact our customer service for the Notification of Pregnancy form.

What is my co-pay fee within the network?

There is a fee of $25 for medical service provided within the network. This fee shall be paid directly to the care provider by you. Please, see the fee schedule below under the question 'What is maximum out-of-pocket per calendar year?'.

What is my co-pay fees outside the network?

There is a fee of 50 % of total expenses. Please observe that the Medical Health Card is not valid outside our network.
If there is no care provider in the network within 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the city of residence, the fee shall only be $25/visit.

What is maximum out-of-pocket per calendar year?

It is the highest total amount of co-pay fees per calendar year that you shall pay up front. 
Note that costs outside the network are not included in the maximum out-of-pocket amount. Please, see the schedule below.

Maximum out-of-pocket per calendar year
Within network
• $500 – single person
• $1,000 – family
 Outside network
• you must pay 50% of expenses of treatment

Fee schedule for service covered by the policy:

Medical Service Within network Outside network
Doctors consultation Co-pay 25 $ per visit 50 % of treatment expenses
Hospital care Co-pay 25 $ per visit 50 % of treatment expenses
Laboratory, x-ray and diagnostic testing   50 % of treatment expenses
Emergency room (ER)

Deductible 50 $

(Not charged in emergancy or if it leads to hospital admission)

+ Co-pay 25 $ per visit

Deductible 50 $

(Not charged in emergency or if it leads to hospital admission)

+ 50 % of treatment expenses

Chiropractic care, naprapathy, arcupuncture, osteopathy and kinesiology Co-pay 25 $ per visit 50 % of treatment expenses
Fysiotherapy Co-pay 25 $ per visit 50 % of treatment expenses
Psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy Co-pay 25 $ per visit 50 % of treatment expenses
Pregnancy Co-pay 25 $ per visit 50 % of treatment expenses
When is a case considered to be an emergency?

Emergency medical condition is a medical condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity, which may include severe pain or other acute symptoms such as the absence of immediate medical attention could reasonable be expected to result in any of the following:

  • Serious jeopardy to the health of a patient
  • Serious jeopardy to the health of a fetus
  • Serious deterioration of bodily functions
  • Serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part
What to do if a provider leaves the network?

It is up to each provider to decide if and when they want to join or leave the network. Unfortunately, this is a process we cannot influence. Please find a new provider within the network to avoid the 50 % co-pay fee.

What is balance billing?

It may happen that some hospitals and medical practices attempt to force the individual policy holder to pay the remainder of the bill (the difference between a health care plan's payment and the physician's full charge). This is neither acceptable nor legal, as they have already accepted an agreed price. Your credit rating will not be affected by any outstanding balances due to a provider. Euro-Center USA is the responsible party for the payment and therefore you are not liable. Simply forward the bill or notice to Euro-Center USA by fax or e-mail and they will take action directly with the provider.

Invoice is sent to Euro-Center US

When a person visits a doctor the hospital will send the invoice to Euro-Center US and the insured person will receive a statement from the hospital. The hospitals have to send this according to law. On this statement it should be clear that it is only a statement and not an invoice. The invoice has been sent to the insurance company/Euro-Center US.

This statement is often being sent before the invoice due to the fact that the law gives providers only 7 days to inform the patient. It is not unusual for you to receive a copy of the bill prior to the insurance company receiving the necessary forms.

The hospital will inform you until the insurance is paid for

Do not be alarmed by the bills you may continue to receive since most hospitals and physicians will continue sending monthly statements to you until the payment has been received from the insurance company. Understand that due to the nature of the US system, the patient is always the one contacted, that does not mean your insurance does not intend to pay for the services.

You should also have in mind that even though we have paid the invoice it can take some time for the hospital to register the payment. We have seen cases when it has taken 3-4 weeks from the date we paid the invoice until it is registered at the hospital. Unfortunately, this is not a process we can influence

Group risks
What is group risk?

It is a large combined risk, e.g. when a large number of people covered by the same policy travel together by plane, boat, train or coach.

When should I inform Europeiska ERV about a group trip?

Europeiska ERV must be informed of a group trip if the total sum insured in the event of deaths exceeds SEK 100 million. We must be informed at least 14 days before departure, and you will have to pay an additional premium. The policy document shows the capital amount applicable to your company.

If you have any questions about group trips, please call +46-770-456 900.

How do I make a claim?

The easiest way to report a claim is here on our website > 

Which receipts/certificates are required if I have Corporate travel insurance, Insurance cover for business visitors or Business travel insurance?

Please attach the following documents to your claim:

  • Ticket or travel document showing the price of the trip, destination and travel period. If you bought your insurance through a tour operator, it should also state what insurance you have purchased.
  • If you've been on a business trip and have business travel insurance, we would like you to send a certificate of business trip from your employer.

In case of delayed flight, train or other means of transport

  • Certificate stating the reasons for the delay and how long the delay lasted (provided by airline or tour operator ).
  • Receipt for purchase during the delay (such as food and beverage).

In case of delayed luggage

  • Your report to the airline that the luggage was delayed (PIR - Property Irregularity Report)
  • Receipt for necessary purchases.

In case of excess / deductible claim

  • Documentation from car-/rental car-/home insurance showing that you have received compensation, with the excess deducted.
  • A copy of the police report, if the damage is reported to the police.

In case of cancelled trip/event

  • Ticket and booking confirmation, showing the price of the trip / event.
  • Certificate stating the reason for cancellation (e.g. medical certificate, police report, death certificate).
  • If you cancel a trip, you should also enclose a letter from your tour operator/travel agency/airline where cancellation fee is stated.

In case of illness, accident or a visit to the dentist

  • Receipt showing healthcare and pharmaceutical cost (in original).
  • Medical certificate.
  • Regarding death benefit in case of accident you need to submit a death certificate issued by a medical doctor and the bank account number of the estate.

Compensation holiday guarantee

  • If you have been ill or suffered an accident - a medical certificate stating the diagnosis and the number of sick days.
  • If you have suffered a serious event - the police report, medical certificate, certificate from a competent authority.

In case of lost, damaged or stolen property

  • In case of theft, you must enclose a police report.
  • If your luggage is damaged during the flight, you must enclose the PIR (PIR - Property Irregularity Report) from the airline.
  • If your luggage is lost after the check-in, you must send a final report from the airline confirming that they were unable to find the luggage and what compensation you received from them.
  • If possible, send receipt for the lost / damaged property.

Other events

  • Certificates confirming the event.
  • Receipts for any expenses you want compensation for.
Which receipts/certificates are required if I have an Expatriate insurance?

In case of illness, accident or a visit to the dentist

  • A receipt showing the cost of medical or dental treatment, medication or cost of local transportation to and from the health care facility.
  • Medical certificate / dental care certificate.

In case of lost, damaged or stolen property

  • In case of theft, you should send a police report.
  • If your luggage is damaged during a flight, you should send a notification from the airline (Property Irregularity Report).
  • If your luggage is lost after the check-in, please send a final report from the airline. The report should confirm that the luggage could not be found and also what compensation you received.
  • Receipts of your lost or damaged property (to the extent that you saved them).

In case of death due to accident

  • Death certificate from the doctor.
  • Bank account of the deceased’s estate.

Other events

  • A certificate confirming the event.
  • Receipts for any expenses you want to be compensated for.
Travel during pregnancy
What do I need to think about when going on a business trip pregnant?

Your corporate travel insurance is valid until 32 weeks of pregnancy. After that week, we do not cover any expenses due to your pregnancy. If you’re flying, ask your airline too about their rules about pregnancy.

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What do I need to think about if I'm an expatriate and pregnant?

The insurance for expatriates covers all emergency medical expenses, even during your pregnancy. However, if you want to be compensated for the cost of inquiries, childbirth and prenatal care immediately after birth, your employer must sign an additional insurance.

Remember: The insurance covers the cost of emergency events through 32 weeks of pregnancy even if you don’t have an additional pregnancy protection in your insurance.

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