Get policy certificate - corporate

To apply for a visa you must be able to  produce a policy certificate that proves you have a valid travel insurance.

Important information

  • The travel insurance policy must be valid for the full period of your stay in the country concerned.
  • If you are applying for a Russian Visa at the Russian Embassy in Stockholm, you must show the certificate in original. Please select certificate by mail.
  • Maximum four (4) employees on one certificate.

Different types of policy certificate

Business Visitor Visa. For business visitors who needs a visa certificate to apply for a visa for Sweden/Schengen.
Single Business Visa. Valid for one trip. The certificate must show the same date as the visa applied for.
Multiple Business Visa. Valid for multiple trips for one or several years. The certificate shows that the person has insurance cover for a longer period.

Notice - personal data

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Get certificate - Corporate insurance


The policy certificate can be sent as:

  • PDF by e-mail. The policy certificate will be sent immediately to the address you specify.
  • Paper format. The paper format includes stamp and original signature.


Check with the embassy/consulate which certificate you need for your visa application.