Expatriate insurance

Cover for personnel stationed abroad

A stay abroad always involves adjustments for the employee, his or her family members and the employer. With our expatriate insurance cover, you can tailor the cover to suit your specific situation so that you are only paying for what you really need.

Therefore expatriate insurance by Europeiska ERV:

  • As Insurance coverage ends when moving abroad
  • Medical expenses coverage is always included
  • You get access to a global assistance company 24/7
  • Selectable options with preventive health care and dental care
  • Can be tailored for both large and small companies
  • Repatriation to your country of residence as well as assistance and supportfor emergencies

We have chosen to divide the medical expenses cover in two levels. Partly because different companies have different needs, and partly because you can choose what you want and avoid paying for things you do not need. We also have a special version that is tailored for companies that have a union contract.

Example of what the insurance contains:ExtendedPremium
Medical treatment        
Accidental injuries        
Possibility to insure pre-existing conditions      
Travel Vaccination and prophylaxis      

Please note:

  • Before you can buy our Expatriate insurance  we need to know your health status. Even if you have pre-existing condition we can usually offer insurance. You will find our Health declaration forms on the page Corporate solutions under the headline Health declaration.

For quote: please contact us on +46 770 45 79 70 or  corporate@erv.se.

At a glance

  • Tailored to your needs
  • The whole family can be insured
  • Access to our assistance company 24/7
  • The insurance applies around the clock in the whole world

For quote: please contact us on +46 770 45 79 70 or  corporate@erv.se.