If you have Corporate travel insurance, Insurance cover for business visitors or Business travel insurance

Here you will find information linked to which receipts / certificates that are required when making a claim

Please attach the following documents to your claim:

  • Ticket or travel document showing the price of the trip, destination and travel period. If you bought your insurance through a tour operator, it should also state what insurance you have purchased.
  • If you've been on a business trip and have business travel insurance, we would like you to send a certificate of business trip from your employer.

In case of delayed flight, train or other means of transport

  • Certificate stating the reasons for the delay and how long the delay lasted (provided by airline or tour operator ).
  • Receipt for purchase during the delay (such as food and beverage).

In case of delayed luggage

In case of excess / deductible claim

  • Documentation from car-/rental car-/home insurance showing that you have received compensation, with the excess deducted.
  • A copy of the police report, if the damage is reported to the police.

In case of cancelled trip/event

  • Ticket and booking confirmation, showing the price of the trip / event.
  • Certificate stating the reason for cancellation (e.g. medical certificate, police report, death certificate).
  • If you cancel a trip, you should also enclose a letter from your tour operator/travel agency/airline where cancellation fee is stated.

In case of illness, accident or a visit to the dentist

  • Receipt showing healthcare and pharmaceutical cost (in original).
  • Medical certificate.
  • Regarding death benefit in case of accident you need to submit a death certificate issued by a medical doctor and the bank account number of the estate.

Compensation holiday guarantee

  • If you have been ill or suffered an accident - a medical certificate stating the diagnosis and the number of sick days.
  • If you have suffered a serious event - the police report, medical certificate, certificate from a competent authority.

In case of lost, damaged or stolen property

  • In case of theft, you must enclose a police report.
  • If your luggage is damaged during the flight, you must enclose the PIR (PIR - Property Irregularity Report) from the airline.
  • If your luggage is lost after the check-in, you must send a final report from the airline confirming that they were unable to find the luggage and what compensation you received from them.
  • If possible, send receipt for the lost / damaged property.

Other events

  • Certificates confirming the event.
  • Receipts for any expenses you want compensation for.


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