About the US billing system

The billing of healthcare in the US is complicated and the international patients may experience entering a healthcare environment very different from that which they have experienced at home.

Invoice is sent to Euro-Center US

When a person visits a doctor the hospital will send the invoice to Euro-Center US and the insured person will receive a statement from the hospital. The hospitals have to send this according to law. On this statement it should be clear that it is only a statement and not an invoice. The invoice has been sent to the insurance company/Euro-Center US.

This statement is often being sent before the invoice due to the fact that the law gives providers only 7 days to inform the patient. It is not unusual for you to receive a copy of the bill prior to the insurance company receiving the necessary forms.

The hospital will inform you until the insurance is paid for

Do not be alarmed by the bills you may continue to receive since most hospitals and physicians will continue sending monthly statements to you until the payment has been received from the insurance company. Understand that due to the nature of the US system, the patient is always the one contacted, that does not mean your insurance does not intend to pay for the services.

You should also have in mind that even though we have paid the invoice it can take some time for the hospital to register the payment. We have seen cases when it has taken 3-4 weeks from the date we paid the invoice until it is registered at the hospital. Unfortunately, this is not a process we can influence