How to get a visa to Sweden

On this page you will find Information on how to obtain a visa to Sweden and what insurance you will need to get in order to be eligible for a visa.

Do I need a visa in order to visit Sweden?

If you are a citizen of a non EU-country you may need a visa in order to visit Sweden. To be able to aquire a Visa you will need to fulfill all of the three requirments below:

  • A valid passport (the minimum requirement is that the passport should be valid three months after your visa has expired and that the passport has been issued within the last 10 years).
  • Enough money to for your keep and journey home. The minimum requirment is that you have at least 450 SEK for each day you stay. Exceptions can be made if the person visiting is a young child, if you are going to stay at relatives etc. 
  • A individual medical travel insurance. The insurance has to cover at least 30 000 EUR and be valid in all Schengen countries. You will find more information on how to obtain this type of insurance in the segment below.

Here you will find a complete list of all countries that need a visa in order to visit Sweden >

Europeiska ERV offers individual medical travel insurance - a requirement to get a visa to Sweden

Europeiska ERV offers a individual medical travel insurance that fulfills all the requirments for a VisaThe insurance is a so called "Visitor-insurance" which means that it must be bought by a person living in Sweden for the person visiting. The upside of buying a "Visitor-insurance" wben you are visiting family and friends in Sweden is that you only pay for the bare minimum that is required in order to get a visa (in comparison to buying a more expensive travel insurance in your home country which may include insurance content that you don't want or need). You can read more about our Visitor insurance here >   

Whether you choose to buy our insurance or go with another option we want to emphazise that it is important that your insurance fullfills the following criterias:

  • The insurance has to cover at least 30 000 EUR in case of emergency medical assistance, emergency hospitalisation or medical repatriation.
  • The insurance must be valid in all the Schengen countries
  • The insurance must be bought before your arrival to Sweden.

How do I apply for a visa to Sweden?

To apply for a visa you need to hand in your visa application (called: Application for Schengen Visa) to a swedish embassy or consulate-general. In order for your application to be processed you must also give the following information:

  • why you are going to visit Sweden
  • the period of time you are planning on staying in Sweden
  • how you will support yourself during your stay
  • how long your passport is valid and what type of passport it is
  • where you are planning on travling after your visit to Sweden
  • if you have a permit to enter the country you are planning on going to after the visit to Sweden.

You also need the following items enclosed in your application:

  • two passport photographs. The passport photographs must not be more than 6 months old and the photographs must show you looking straight ahead.
  • other documents requested by the ambassy at hand.

The processing time of visa applications is normally two weeks, the processing time may however vary depending on the embassy/consulte-general.

Note! In some countries, Sweden may be represented by an other Schengen country, and in yet other countries Sweden may not be represented at all. If this is the case you will have to travel to the nearest country where Sweden is represented. If you intend to visit another country to apply for a visa you need to contact them in advance. You will also have to translate all your application documents into the language of that country.

How long can i stay in Sweden with a valid visa?

With a valid visa you can stay in Sweden for a maximum of 90 days. Once 90 days has passed you must leave Sweden for 90 days before you may be granted a new visa for Sweden.

About the visa sticker

A visa sticker is a sticker that gets glued to your passport. The visa sticker gives the following information:

  • The number of days you are allowed to stay in Sweden (Schengen countries).
  • How many days you have permission to travel in and out of Sweden (Schengen countries) while it's valid.

Note! If you are planning on becoming a regular visitor to Sweden you can apply for a visa that is valid for multiple entries. 

Visitor insurance

We offer a individual medical travel insurance called Visitor Insurance that meets all the requirments for obtaining a visa.

  • The insurance must be bought for you by a person living in Sweden.
  • The insurance content meets the requirments for obtaining a visa - nothing more, nothing less.
  • Almost certainly cheaper than any travel insurance you can buy in your home country which may contain insurance content that you don't want or need.


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