Visitor Insurance

Medical insurance for your foreign visitors

Did you know that your foreign visitors are not covered by universal health care during their visit to Sweden? With our Visitor Insurance your overseas relatives and friends have medical insurance throughout their time in Sweden. The insurance covers amounts of up to EUR 30 000 per incident/condition.

Suitable for those who:

  • receive visits from abroad
  • want to secure the cost of universal health care for your visitor
  • have a friend who needs an insurance certificate to be able to obtain a visa to Sweden

Policy certificate, for visa application

In order to apply for a visa to a Schengen country it's often required that you are able to present a certificate showing that you have a valid insurance.

When you have bought and paid for your insurance, you can order an insurance certificate here >>>

Note! If you buy Visitor on our website and pay by card we will send the policy certificate directly to your e-mailadress in connection with the purchase. 

If the person that is going to visit you already is in Schengen, please call us on: +46 770 457 971.

Example of insurance content:Visitor insurance
Medical treatment

We will reimburse the health care costs if your guest becomes ill or is involved in an accident. The insurance covers medical costs up to 30,000 Euro.

Acute dental treatment

We reimburst dental treatment costs if your guest damages his or her teeth in an accident.


We take the cost if your guest gets sick or injured and need repatriation to their homeland.

Journey in connection with medical care

Compensation will be paid for the insured's local travel in connection with care and treatment.


    Price example Visitor Insurance (per person)

    Start price (Day 1)Day 2-365 (price/day)
    100 SEK
    19 SEK

    The insurance in summary:

    When you get a visit from abroad, it can feel safe to take out insurance to cover medical expenses. Our insurance covers, among other things, health care costs due to illness or accident, emergency dental treatment in case of accident and travel in connection with health care.

    Good to know about the insurance:

    • The insurance can not be bought for visitors over 69 years of age.
    • The insurance does not cover for illnesses that your visitor had before he/she got the insurance.
    • The insurance has an excess of 1 000 SEK/injury.
    • A valid visitor insurance is mandatory for visa application.
    • The insurance covers medical expenses up to 30 000 Euro.

    Please read terms and conditions for a complete description of the policy and its contents.


    19 SEK/day

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