Travel insurance

Select your travel insurance with care

To determine if you are properly insured on the trip or not can be a jungle. On this page, we try to sort out some of the common questions when it comes to travel insurance, as well as try to open your eyes to the importance of choosing travel insurance with care.

General information about travel insurance

Most people today are aware of the importance of having travel insurance when traveling abroad. Nonetheless, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs deals with hundreds of cases per year where Swedish citizens get in trouble because they were not properly insured when traveling abroad.

In many cases, travelers get into trouble because they forget that they need to be insured through the whole trip and that they are not fully aware of what the insurance they have actually covers. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs can help travelers in trouble but they never leave financial contributions. At best, you can borrow money, but you always have to pay the loan back. Since healthcare abroad in rapid pace may reach sums of hundreds of thousand SEK it can become very expensive to travel without being properly insured.  

We therefore recommend anyone traveling abroad to check how they are insured, what the insurance covers and how long the insurance is valid.

Which insurance should I choose?

Europeiska ERV has travel insurance that is suitable for most types of travel and travelers. We have everything from travel insurance for young people, travel insurance for people who want to go backpacking and those who want to practice extreme sports that are not normally covered by regular insurances, as well as travel insurance for those who want to boost the travel insurance in their home insurance and travel insurance for people that are going to travel for more than 45 days.

A list of all of our travel insurance products for leisure travel can be found here >>>
Mind that all information about our products is in Swedish.

The only exception being our Visitor Insurance, which you can read more about here >>> 

If you are seeking information about our Corporate Solutions, please read more here >>>

About the travel insurance in your home insurance

The travel insurance in your home insurance is usually not valid for more than 45 days, in some cases 60 days. If you are out traveling for a longer period and haven’t bought travel insurance for the remaining travel period after 45 days have passed you may be uninsured without knowing it – until something happens.  The basic travel cover available in the home insurance differs from company to company. The travel cover in the home insurance does usually not cover for hazardous activities such as diving, mountain climbing, rafting and parachuting. To be on the safe side, you should contact your insurance company to find out what the home insurance covers and for how long when you are traveling.

About the cancellation insurance and travel insurance in credit and debit cards

If you pay for your trip by debit or credit card, you usually get a cancellation and travel insurance for free.  Usually it is sufficient to pay between 50 and 75 percent with your card to take part of the cancellation insurance and travel insurance available in the card. In some cases, however, the bank requires that you pay for the whole trip with the card, so be sure to check with your bank which rules apply before you book your trip. What is included in the various cards differs a lot. Some only cover for lost baggage and lack any coverage if you become ill or suffer an accident.

The European health insurance card (EHIC)

That the EHIC is comparable with a travel insurance is something that not even the Swedish Försäkringskassa agree with. Even though the EHIC does give the right to the same state care as the country's inhabitants, and at the same price, you have to keep in mind that the standard of public hospitals abroad is in many cases much lower than the once we are used to in Sweden. In some countries, moreover the patient fee is much higher than in Sweden, which can become expensive if you do not have that into account.

Help such as repatriation, relatives' visits when seriously ill or legal expenses are not included in the European health insurance card.