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Som turist är det viktigt att komma ihåg att man har ett ansvar för sin egen resa och säkerhet. En av de viktigaste åtgärderna man kan ta på egen hand är att se till att man har en giltig reseförsäkring om man skulle bli sjuk eller skada sig.

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Laos has an overall moderate threat environment. Crime related to drug trafficking and landmines are the main risk factors for travellers in the country. There is no information indicating terrorist groups operate within the country or are targeting the Laotian government. Between late 2015 till early 2016 however, few attacks occurred in Luang Prabang and Xaisomboun provinces, causing several casualties. The attacks also targeted at foreign national particularly Chinese contract workers. It is not known if the attacks are linked to any domestic or foreign terrorist organisations. The past insurgent threat against the Laotian government posed by Hmong rebels also appears to have diminished in recent years. Though unconfirmed reports of military deployment and curfews suggest remaining Hmong insurgent activity in Xieng Khouang province. 

Hälsa, sjukdomar och vaccination

Visitors should seek medical advice before travelling to Laos and ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are up to date. It is advised that some of them are taken by visitors before they travel to Laos.

Visitors are recommended to take Hepatitis A, B and E vaccinations because contractions occur frequently. People who are planning to visit various areas and eat in places other than hotels and restaurants should take also typhoid vaccination or even rabies.

Dengue Fever is also endemic, especially during the wet months (June to November).Until August 2008, there were 18 fatal cases in Champassak, in Saravan, in Khammuan and in Xayaboury provinces. Malaria and cholera constitute additional threats for the visitors. There was a recent outbreak of cholera in the southern part of Laos (Xekong province) in January 2008 which killed at least 3 people. Malaria does not occur in Vientiane but prophylaxis (mefloquine) is advised.

Other infections that have been reported are tuberculosis, Japanese encephalitis, schistsomiasis and leptospirosis.

Apart from vaccinations, visitors should take normal precautions toprotect themselves  from the majority of diseases. They must order well-cooked meat and bottled water, they should use insect repellents and avoid contact with filthy waters.

Finally, visitors should be aware that there have been outbreaks of avian influenza (bird flu) in Laos. The last incident occured in September 2008 in Luang Prabang province. The only two fatal cases of Bird Flu were in Vientiane province in March 2007. Visitors should avoid coming in contact with any kind of birds.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended for people planning to travel to Laos since serious health incidents may necessitate country. In any case, if such an emergency occurs, transfer to Bangkok is advised for better medical treatment. Visitors who suffer from lasting disease should make sure that they get enough medicine before they travel because popular medication may not be available in Laos.

Even for emergencies, hospitals ask payment in advance and this should usually take place in hard currency.


Passport and visa are required for everyone who wants to visit Laos. Passports should remain valid for six months after the intended date of departure from Laos. Visitors should make sure that they get a stamp on their passport when they arrive. Otherwise, fines may be imposed after regular checks by police on the street. Furthermore, visitors should carry a proof of their identity at all times because stringent fines apply as well.


Visitors can obtain visas when they arrive in Laos. Thirty days is the permitted period of stay in the country. In order to be issued the visa, visitors need to have two passport-size photographs and to pay $30-$42(according to the country of origin) at the points of entry. Members of families with the same surname and address might be charged as much as one single person. The points can be one of the three international airports of the country or other border crossings as well.

The names of the possible crossings are: Wattay International Airport, Luang Prabang International Airport, Pakse International Airport, Friendship Bridge at the Thai border, Savannakhet/Mukdahan, Densavanh/Lao Bao, Boten/Mohan, Houai Sai/Chiang Khong, Nam Phao/Cau Treo, Thakhek/Nakhon Phanom, Vangtau/Chongmek, and Nam Kan/Ngo Anh.

Visitors can extend the duration of their visas at the Department of Immigration for 60 more days and by paying $2 per day. In case that someone stays longer than it is allowed, he will have to pay $10 for every additional day when he arrives at the airport for his departure. Imprisonment cannot be excluded in this case.

Visitors who travel for business reasons should arrange their entry documents prior to arrival. When someone wants to visit Laos for professional reasons, he has to provide to the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs the name of an individual or a company as a sponsor in order to gain permission to the country. This is a lengthy process which lasts between 1 and 3 months.

An airport tax of US $10 upon departure applies.

Dual nationality is not legally recognized by the government of Laos and dual nationals should be aware of their visa requirements.

Upon arrival, visitors should declare any antique items they have in their possession. They are not allowed to take out of the country religious artifacts and other antiquities.

Visitors who travel from areas where yellow fever is endemic are obliged to possess a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

  • Huvudstad: Vientiane (pop. 783000)
  • Religion: Buddhism and indigenous beliefs
  • Tidszon: UTC+07

Landets nödnummer

  • Polis: 191
  • Brandkår: 190
  • Ambulans: 195

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Landet är överlag säkert att resa till men överväg ytterligare rådgivning.

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