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The Solomon Islands is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of around one thousand islands located in Melanesia. Its closest neighbours are Papua New Guinea in the west and Vanuatu in the southeast.

Hälsa, sjukdomar och vaccination

Travellers are advised to consult a travel health specialist or general practitioner (GP) to obtain the latest information with regards to what vaccines are recommended about 4-6 weeks prior to departing for the Solomon Islands. Travellers should also have the following vaccines up to date: influenza, chickenpox (or varicella), polio, measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) and diptheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT).

Certificate of a yellow fever vaccination is required if arriving within five days from, or transiting in, an infected area. (See Visa Section).

The following vaccinations are recommended: Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid.

The Solomon Islands has an elevated risk of Malaria and to reduce the risk of infection travellers are strongly advised to obtain one of the anti-malarial narcotics: mefloquine, doxycycline and atovaquone/proquanil. (Note: It has been proven that chloroquine is not an effective anti-malarial drug in Solomon Islands and should not be taken to prevent malaria in the region).

The following diseases may also be present in Solomon Islands: Dengue Fever, Ross River Fever, Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Murray Valley encephalitis.

Medical care and facilities in the Solomon Islands are extremely limited. There are no medical services or pharmacies outside major population centres and medical services vary in urban areas. Although it is advisable to acquire a comprehensive travel health insurance before travelling, this insurance is unlikely to cover medical at most facilities. Payment for treatment is often handled in hard currency.

Although emergency medical treatment facilities are few, those that exist tend to be in urban centres. Serious medical problems will require air evacuation to a country with modern medical facilities, usually Australia or New Zealand. Travellers who anticipate the possible need for medical treatment in Australia should obtain entry permission for Australia in advance.

Most common brands of medication are available to purchase locally but pharmacies and hospitals frequently run out of basic medicines. Travellers are advised to take an adequate supply of medicines they may require with them. In any case, prior consultation from a health expert or medical practitioner should be sought before travelling or taking any pharmaceuticals.


Passports are required for entry into the Solomon Islands.


Visas are not required for nationals of most developed countries visiting the Solomon Islands, although you should be in possession of a return or onward ticket from the Solomon Islands. If a Visa is required, this should be obtained prior to travel and it is advised to check whether you require a visa for entry at the earliest opportunity. Visitors to the Solomon Islands must be travelling on a passport that is valid for six months.

Tourist Visa: Required for some Nationals.
Business Visa: Required.
Student Visa: Required.

Although yellow fever is not a disease risk in Solomon Islands, traveller arriving from countries where the disease is present are required to provide proof of a yellow fever vaccination.

  • Huvudstad: Honiara (pop. 54,600)

Landets nödnummer

  • Polis: 999
  • Brandkår: 999
  • Ambulans: 911

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